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Our Story

Brought up in Malta, Louisette started out her business as a hobby and never expected that Fontanella would eventually become what it is today. 

While the menu has been added and improved along the years, few favourites, such as the chocolate cake and strawberry meringue; have been unchanged since 1975! Everything is freshly prepared homemade every day. 

Once entering the premises, Fontanella holds an indoor-meets-outdoor style garden, with fairy lights to illuminate the trees and tables at night. There are two staircases that take you to the upper floor; overlooking the bastions, you will immerse yourself to a magical view of the Maltese Islands.

The Baroque Fountain

Fontanella Tea Garden derives its name from the 17th century fountain found inside the tea garden belonging to a prominent family in Mdina. The Putto con Delfino (angel with dolphin) was made from the original cast of Il Putto di Verrocchio. 

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